New Abiss

New Decadence  Set by Abiss.

You can change the color of the set between black,white,gold it is beautiful set to have and will blend in with any type of furniture.

Recommend it to all.



Look Book 15

Hair: Liquence (Hair)

Outfit: HighRize

Shoes: Z3

Earnings: Bens

Look Book 14


Hair: Liquence (Hair)

Top: DirtyMind

Pants:  Revanche

Harness: RaMa RoWanberry

Shoes: Paperbag


Look Book 17

Hair: Analog Dog

Top: Shey

Skirt: Avale

Heels: Epoque

Look Book 16

Hair: Analog Dog

Dress: Shey

Shoes: Baistice

Look Book 14

Hair: Analog Dog

Earnings: PINK

Dress: !(::::HighRize:::)!

Shoes: Z3

Abiss The Module 2



This comes in 2 versions black and white i have only shown one version.

100% seamlessly tillable several buildings next to each other in any horizontal direction

100% mesh structure
Easy to rezz
Zero script lag
Low texture lag
Catchy looks
Browse friendly – customers will love it
Retail store or Gallery type prefab

NEW !(::::HighRize:::)


Hair: LeLutka

Outfits: !(::::HighRize:::)

Shoes: Belgravia

Look Book 13


Hair: LeLutka

Top: { S&P } (The Boobies Fair)

Shorts: Illmatic (FifRIDAY)

Shoes: Mstyle

Jewelry: Ben’s Beauty

2013 Dope Awards

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